About Valley Isle Kombucha Co.

From Maui With Aloha
Valley Isle Kombucha Co.

Valley Isle Kombucha Co. was created in January of 2013, by Bryan Willard of Lahaina, Maui, after substantial personal experimentation in producing premium quality, organic kombucha using local Maui ingredients. Since then it has expanded to a product line that includes more than a dozen exceptional kombucha flavors and kombucha-based vinegar and hot sauce.

With ongoing sales to over 50 clients and growing, including Whole Foods, Times Market, Safeway and many resort locations across the Hawaiian islands, production is expanding into a new Lahaina facility that will include a retail segment.  Despite its rapid growth, Valley Isle Kombucha remains true to its origins – delicious, family-crafted, organic kombucha, locally produced and embracing what’s finest about Maui and Hawaii.

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