Organically grown fruits and vegetables are extremely popular due to their health benefits, but did you know they are also much better for the environment as well? Non-organic farming practices like pesticides and herbicides disrupt the delicate natural balance of the soil ecosystem, which has some far-reaching consequences. On the island of Hawaii, organic farming is really important to sustain our unique flora and fauna. Here are some advantages of organic farming and focusing on sustainability:

Advantages of Organic Farming


Sustains Microbiotic Organisms

Organic farming promotes the healthy balance of all kinds of tiny creatures and minerals in soil. The mixture of microbiotic organisms, nutrients, minerals and native plant life is the key to superior growth and sustainability. The harmful chemicals used in non-organic farming can kill off and deplete the soil of those important factors. Farmers then have to import in nutrients to keep plants growing. Organic farming is best for Hawaii so that we can use the natural balance of our rich soil to grow fruits and vegetables.

Combats Erosion

In addition to healthier soil, organic farming also lessens the effects of erosion. This is really important in Hawaii where there many crops are grown on hills and mountains. Organically farmed fields retain more topsoil than non-organic fields and are less susceptible to erosion. Some erosion, especially during heavy rain, is normal but extensive erosion depletes the soil of nutrients and leaks chemicals into water run off.

Fights Global Warming

A new study done by the Rodale Institute shows that organic farming reduces the amount of carbon dioxide in the air and so can help fight global warming. By a process known as “carbon sequestration”, organic soil draws carbon dioxide out of the air and sinks it into the ground. Organic farming also releases fewer greenhouse gases than non-organic farming. Using organic farming practices is a sustainable way to work within the natural growth cycles as well as repair the damage already done by global warming.

There are many advantages to organic farming for both the environment and the quality of produce. Valley Isle Kombucha partners with local, organic farmers and our kombucha is certified organic. We believe in making kombucha that is not only good for the body but good for the earth. All of our delicious flavors are directly from Hawaii’s fruits and vegetables, so you know you are getting pure nutrition.

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