“Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” -Hippocrates

Have you ever wondered what the health benefits of kombucha tea are all about? Used as a health elixir for over 2,000 years in China, Japan and Russia, this unique fermented drink wasn’t widely known in the West until very recently.

Basically a fermented sweetened black tea, kombucha has a rich anecdotal history of health benefits, from preventing cancer to treating arthritis. Unfortunately, there have been only a few clinical studies done in the US, mostly with animals. Funding of clinical studies is hard to get for a drink that is so cheap and widely available. Despite the lack of solid scientific research, here’s what we know about kombucha’s health benefits.

#1 Detoxification.

Full of bacterial acids and compounds like glucaric acid, kombucha helps boost liver function and takes pressure off your pancreas. Many people trying to reduce the toxins their body has to process incorporate kombucha into their routine.

#2 Joint Support.

Kombucha contains compounds that help the body make glucosamines, the building-blocks of joint health. Kombucha also full of hyaluronic acid, which helps build and protect joint cartilage and other tissue. This is probably why so many people drink kombucha daily to control their arthritis symptoms.

#3 Immunity Support.

Full of anti-oxidants, kombucha joins the so-called “superfoods” like acai and blueberries with its immune system-boosting power. These same anti-oxidants are known for helping prevent and fight cancer.

#4 Digestive Health.

Like other fermented foods and drinks, kombucha is full of living beneficial bacteria and yeasts that help regulate the biome in the body’s gut – an essential part of a healthy digestive system. Studies show that these probiotics can help reduce inflammation, improve digestion and even boost metabolism.

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