Move aside wine, kombucha is the new drink for food pairing. Bubbly and tangy, kombucha pairs wonderfully with food. In fact, kombucha, along with juice blends, has been popping up in Europe and on the mainland as an alternative drink for fancy food pairing. Try pairing kombucha with food yourself — you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results!

Tips for Pairing Kombucha with Food

Here are some quick and simple guidelines for successfully pairing kombucha with food:

Pair like with like. Tangy and a little sour, kombucha pairs wonderfully with foods that have a similar profile. Think pickled beet salad, kimchi, or sourdough sandwiches. In general, fermented veggies complement kombucha.

Try pairing kombucha with cheese. The bright, fruity profile of many kombucha flavors complement different kinds of cheese. For example, citrus kombucha pairs beautifully with creamy martone cheese, while raspberry kombucha complements sharp cheddar cheese.

Tart and sweet tend to go together. The tartness of kombucha can be a great complement to sweet and creamy foods. We’ve heard that fruit-flavored kombucha is especially tasty with a scoop of sherbet or even frozen yogurt!

Other Kombucha-in-the-Kitchen Ideas

Did you know you can substitute kombucha for vinegar in most recipes? Tart and bright, with its own unique flavor profile, kombucha can add both complexity and variety to your favorite salad dressing. It’s so good, in fact, that we make all of our vinaigrette dressings with kombucha here at Alchemy Maui.

Another great use of kombucha in the kitchen is to turn it into a marinade for your favorite roast or grilling recipe. Ginger kombucha is especially delicious when used this way!

Kombucha is so much more versatile than many people think. Not only can you mix it up with fruit juices to create endless flavors, you can also pair it with food, and even add it to recipes! For a nice sampling of what kombucha has to offer, stop on by Alchemy Maui – we’ll be happy to show you just how delicious kombucha can be.

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