Fermented foods and drinks, like kombucha, have many reported health benefits, from improved immunity and digestion, to healthier skin and hair. The key to these health claims lies in tiny, living microorganisms, widely known as probiotics. In fact, the probiotic benefits of kombucha alone are a great reason to drink it.

What are probiotics?

Probiotics are helpful bacteria and yeasts that form colonies in our digestive tract. While we usually think of microorganisms as “bad,” these probiotics are very important to maintaining digestive and immunity health. Unfortunately, most people suffer from depleted probiotics in their digestive tract, usually due to disease, poor diet, or the use of antibiotics. That’s why it’s important to consume fermented drinks like kombucha to replenish these helpful microorganisms.

Probiotic Benefits

Recent studies show many benefits of probiotics, including:

Boosting the immune system. Beneficial microbes living in our digestive tract act as a first line of defense against food-borne illnesses. In fact, having a healthy digestive tract – which includes having a healthy colony of probiotics – is key to maintaining a healthy immune system and fighting off disease.

Preventing yeast and urinary tract infections. Probiotics do a great job of “crowding out” other, less desirable, microorganisms such as candida and harmful bacteria. Drink kombucha to replenish these probiotic colonies and prevent uncomfortable infections before they start.

Improving digestion The body’s digestive system doesn’t just digest food on its own. It depends on colonies of bacteria and yeast to help break down food into usable nutrients. This makes digestion a lot easier and faster. In return, these hardworking probiotics get a place to live (our gut).

Of course, drinking kombucha alone isn’t enough to restore a healthy digestive tract if you have bad lifestyle habits. In order to thrive, probiotics need a healthy habitat. Eat a healthy, “clean” diet of whole foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, and make sure to consume plenty of fiber. Make kombucha part of your new healthy diet, and reap the benefits of its probiotic content and delicious flavor!

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