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Valley Isle Kombucha’s most valued testimonials come from our many local Maui and Oahu customers who savor premium, organic, healthy kombucha and kombucha products.

My daily must have!

I was never into Kombucha until I got hooked on Valley Isle's Kombucha. Bryan Willard educated me on all the health benefits and the unique flavor profiles that he creates. My husband Chef James McDonald of "The Feast at LeLe" and I love it so much we had Bryan install a double tap kegerator in our home. I drink it everyday and have noticed a lift in my energy. I highly recommend everyone to try. Cheers!  

Tanya M — Ka’anapali, Maui

Not all Kombucha are made equal

Valley Isle Kombucha is amazing and they have a number of different flavors to choose from. My personal favorites are Island Peach and Apple Beet. There is something for everyone! It is refreshing and tastes amazing. Not all Kombucha are made equal. I have had a few others that had left me disappointed. I am proud to purchase something made locally on the island of Maui. Valley Isle Kombucha has perfected the art of brewing Kombucha. I wish all Kombucha tasted this great!

Krystal — Maui, HI

Support Quality Local Kombucha!

So happy with Valley Isle Kombucha! Was initially not into the hype of Kombucha when I tried a couple of other very popular companies. After trying Valley Isle, I was blown away by the quality and the overall taste of their product! There are so many delectable flavors which are all incredibly refreshing and not bitter tasting like most other Kombucha companies. It is refreshing to have a company make kombucha the correct way, and I know that Bryan the owner is very involved from the beginning to the end of the product ensuring it's quality. I really enjoy trying different flavors on special nights that I do not want to drink alcohol but am still in social settings! It is also wonderful to pair a special flavor with vodka for a perfect summer cocktail minus calories, carbs, and sugar. Vallley Isle Kombucha is truly the drink for any occasion. So happy to be turned onto this and cannot wait to see this company continue to succeed expand. You truly get what you pay for!!

Stephanie T. — Lahaina, HI

Keeps me properly balanced

I have had gastrointestinal/digestive issues for most of my life. I just accepted it as part of life. In 2011 I became very sick and my gut issues became even worse. I was very uncomfortable most of the time, and tried to ignore it. In February of 2012 I started drinking VIK. Out of curiosity, I started to do some research about fermented foods and gut issues. I learned that fermented foods have been used for ages to heal your stomach and balance the microorganisms from improper diet. I have also learned that the marketing companies have tricked us into thinking that their products can fix our gut issues, when in fact they only make matters worse. The gastrointestinal tract is home to the largest part of our body’s immune system. When our immune system is healthy, we are healthy. I no longer have gut issues. I love the taste of VIK and really love the the fact that it keeps my gut properly balanced. With the food products we eat today, I can’t imagine why anyone would pass up the opportunity to keep our largest immune system happy and healthy.

Renee F. — Lahaina, HI


Hand's down, this is the greatest KOMBUCHA on the market! This stuff tastes like it's made to order every time I drink it. I even brought some back to California, and didn't open them for a couple of weeks. When I did….WOW!! Can't wait to get back to Maui, or when will VIK be coming to us?? We love, love, love you guys! I don't want to drink any other brand! Thank you.

Donna Joy

Delicious AND Nutritious !!

Not just an overused slogan, but truly fitting for this tasty elixir. I was never into Kombucha before but Valley Isle has perfected their recipe to fit every puzzle piece from taste buds to mind and spirit. I love the feeling after a nice glass of cold Booch and thank you happily for bringing it into our west side community!

Tiana L. — Napili, HI

Best in the islands!

VIK is the best in the islands! On numerous occasions I have drank other types of kombucha, and whatever was ailing me at the time continued to linger! VIK made the ailment dissappear, some thing about this formula is magical. I love it, and it’s super tasty! Thank you Bryan, for creating this perfect kombucha.

Faye K. — Lahaina, HI

Best I have ever had!

VIK is by far the best I have ever had! Coming in so many great flavors it’s hard to pick a favorite! The lilikoi with a hint of ginger is amazing! Pineapple or guava is pretty great too! If you’re looking for a health tonic with local flavor? Well look no further VIK will satisfy! Enjoy and to your health! Aloha

Jubilee B. — Haiku, HI

Refreshing, light and energizing!

VIK feeds my body mind and spirit! It’s refreshing, light and energizing! I love the freshness of all the ingredients and the flavors are delicious!

Vida A. — Lahaina, HI

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