Have you ever looked at all those bottles of kombucha sitting on store shelves and wondered, “what’s all the buzz about?” Kombucha certainly has an almost cult-like following. If you think you want to give this beverage a try, here’s a quick guide on what to expect when you try kombucha for the first time.

What is it?

Kombucha is simply a black (sometimes green) tea fermented with a special colony of microbes. This “symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast,” or just “SCOBY” for short, turn the sugars and compounds within the tea into a bubbly beverage packed with nutrients.


The flavor profile of kombucha can be described as… At Valley Isle Kombucha, however, our proprietary kombucha flavor blends are described as sweeter and less acidic than your typical glass of kombucha. It’s one reason why VIK kombucha is the perfect introduction to this amazing beverage.


A fresh glass of kombucha, ideally right from the tap, is refreshingly tangy with a delightful natural effervescence, similar to soda, but without the syrupy texture. Instead, the texture is nice and light, and shouldn’t leave any strange aftertaste. You may notice little strings or “floaties” floating around the glass. These are just leftover pieces of the culture that fermented the kombucha, and are actually a good sign. Don’t worry – they don’t taste like anything, and if your kombucha is raw (un-pasteurized) these strings of culture are beneficial probiotics.

Does kombucha contain alcohol?

The fermentation process that creates kombucha is very similar to the processes that create beer, wine and mead, so some alcohol is produced. In kombucha, however, the unique SCOBY colony also consumes the alcohol as it’s created, so the amount leftover is insignificant. A typical glass of kombucha, by law, kombucha must contain under 0.5% ABV; not nearly enough to render any effect.

If you’re on one of the Hawaiian Islands and want to give kombucha a try, consider sipping on one of Valley Isle Kombucha’s blends? We have dozens of tasty flavors for every palette.

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