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Valley Isle Kombucha Co.

Valley Isle Kombucha, or ‘VIK’ to locals, is a prized, magical, fermented-tea creation flavored by local, organic fruit and herbs that has captured Hawaii’s passion for natural, healthy beverages. By its uncompromising purity and traditional, handmade origin, Valley Isle Kombucha embodies the island of its creation … beautiful and lush Maui. In Maui, we are blessed with everything we require to perfect Kombucha, from mineral rich volcanic soil that produces unmatched indigenous fruits, to a perfectly balanced environment that inspires a spiritual connection to this remarkable product. Whether you’re seeking a perfect refreshment that defines your lifestyle, a connection to the Hawaiian islands, you’re recovering from an epic surf session, or you’re just enjoying the best of times with friends, Valley Isle Kombucha is the beverage choice for you!

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a delicious effervescent fermentation of sweetened tea highly regarded as a health tonic. It has been credited with strengthening the immune system, benefiting the digestive system, detoxifying, and heightening energy levels.  It contains B complex vitamins, vitamin C and minerals.

Valley Isle Kombucha Co. Flavors

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Valley Isle Kombucha is proud to present Alchemy Maui, our new tasting room and bakery! Featuring 14 exciting flavors of kombucha on tap, and a farm-to-table menu, Alchemy Maui is the perfect place for a light, healthy lunch.


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I was never into Kombucha before but Valley Isle has perfected their recipe to fit every puzzle piece from taste buds to mind and spirit.

Tiana L.

Napili, HI

After trying Valley Isle, I was blown away by the quality and the overall taste of their product! Vallley Isle Kombucha is truly the drink for any occasion.

Stephanie T.

Lahaina, HI

This is the greatest Kombucha on the market! This stuff tastes like it’s made to order every time I drink it. I don’t want to drink any other brand!

Donna J.


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